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Peter Pan, Janeene Katala, Celestial Whisper & Snowbunting
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Imp. Gr. Ch. Steeplechase Charlie Chapman


Congratulations to
Imperial Grand Champion Steeplechase Charlie Chapman on gaining his title.





Pics by Jean Pretty

Worldwide Summershow: 3rd prize

Imperial Grand Champion Charlie Champan

Ch Steeplechase Charlie Chapman

Ch Steeplechase Charlie Chapman

Gr. Ch. Ti Amo Van Huize Rodneys

West Country Cat Club 29/10/05: 1cc and b.ob and BEST IN SHOW

7 years later Colourpoint Cat Club 12/01/2013 Croydon Cat Club 1 cc b.ob

1 gc cc White Persian Cat Club

Surrey and Sussex 2013 1 Gr cc bob

Essex CC 2013: 1 gr CC Bob 3 firsts - now Grand Champion


Thank you for trusting me with this lovely boy, Stephney

Click here for pedigree

Ch Ti Amo van Huize Rodneys

Ti Amo

Ti Amo

Ch. Palchinno Celestial Moon

Sire Gr Ch Ti Amo van Huize Rodonys / Dam Ch Pantile

A dream come true!

Best in Show Blue Persian Adult at Blue Persian Cat Show 2019

Palchinno Celestial Moon

Palchinno Bubbles

Sire Gr Ch Palchinno Spartacus /
Dam Palchinno Snow White

Palchinno Bubbles
Palchinno Ocean Mariner Palchinno Ocean Mariner